Favorite 2D Platformers

Favorite 2D Platformers

The dominance of Mario games in this genre is undeniable. And this for a reason: if an iteration didn't define the genre anew, it nevertheless provided top-notch gameplay and solid fun, surprising and stunning fans all over the world again and again. Next to Mario we have the phenomenal Sonic games that just feel right in two dimensions. But that's still not all there is: there are plenty of other games that shine through innovative ideas and pretty art. Speaking of innovative, lots of independent developers like to present their fresh ideas in 2D-form which is why this old genre still feels very current. And don't forget the times when licensed games were actually super - as 2D Platformers.

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Tomi ValkonenFavorite 2D Platformers

2 years ago

Could there be Favorite Metroidvania Games list? Metroidvania is proper genre I believe.

Ed KickFavorite 2D Platformers

2 years ago

DKC Tropical Freeze should be way higher and how is Super Smash Bros Brawl on this list

Ed Kick Yea we don't have to agree lol that's fine I just don't understand the hate from some "purists" of the original trilogy for Freeze(not saying you are), when I'm as big of a fan of the original trilogy as any. Did you like Returns?

2 years ago

Not Important I absolutely adored Returns. For some reason though I can't seem to enjoy Freeze as much.

2 years ago

Ed Kick I feel that way with DKC2. Its a fantastic game but it just doesn't get to the level of the original for me .

2 years ago

Antsy BangerFavorite 2D Platformers

3 years ago

I think I'd prefer a distinction between platformer, action platformer, platform adventure/metroidvania and maybe even puzzle platformer. Anyone else feel that way?

Stealth RUSH I'd prefer a separate list for Game Boy Color / Game Boy titles, as well as TurboGrafx-CD / TurboGrafx-16, amongst others.

3 years ago

Ed Kick I think your splitting hairs at that point I think it's fine having a diverse genre like this there are some games that I don't think should be on this list but most of those are further down 50-100 . I don't think Terraria should be on here(64) unsure about rogue legacy(74) and I know smash bros brawl shouldn't be on here (84)

2 years ago