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  • DJ_JJSlider wrote his opinion about Pearl Harbor
    2 years ago
    Director Michael Bay thought that he could try to make an epic war movie with the massive visual effects of Titanic. So he made Pearl Harbor, one of the worst war movies of all time. There's a campy love triangle, a terrible inaccurate reenactment of the Pearl Harbor attack and an even worse recreation of the U.S. bombing runs. All this ends with some stupid final scene where Ben Affleck is killing an entire Japanese army with a freaking pistol. Aside from the patriotic bravado, this movie is crap. It still isn't as bad as George Lucas's "Red Tails" film.
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  • Sudertum wrote his opinion about Pearl Harbor
    6 years ago
    A pointless, unhistorical, boring and annoying movie by Michael Bay, what was he thinking during making this. I recommend to watch "Tora! Tora! Tora!" instead, for those who want to learn facts about history and avoid this shit.
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