Pape Badiane's Legacy

In 2010, Pape Badiane founded UnikGamer, a small site dedicated to an expression of love for video gaming, with an unprecedented level of refinement designed for list-making hobbyists. In time, this website would grow beyond Pape's expectations, and he would set his sights on expansion. UnikGamer had a successor: Favslist.

Pape Badiane always dreamed that Favslist would become something big, and with this dream he successfully grew a community enthusiastic for their favorite works of art, and most importantly, eager to form new friendships. Pape himself, or Papissama as he was often known, was a great friend to many here. Even in his passing, his passion for Favslist lives on in the userbase he fostered, and his family, who still work to continue his dream project. His legacy continues in his beloved Julie, his daughters Miyana and Namily, and in the community he founded.