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  • 2 years ago
    I have the best wife in the world! She just bought me this, the picture is from their legendary gig at Maine Road shown on the There and Then dvd: I love it!
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  • DJ_JJSlider wrote his opinion about Oasis
    2 years ago
    ...Who the hell are these blokes again? (I say in my wannabe hipster English accent) Oh yeah, they're the cool dudes who played that "Wonderwall" song about a guitar capo. And the lead singers love to talk smack about each other because they're brothers who hate each other and...I really should watch that damned documentary but I know the story. 'Cuz today was gonna be the day but they'll never throw it back to you. Foshizzle. 'Dem loud guitars.
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    • Nodley
      Editing … Oasis died some time after their third album back in the 90s. The thing is, they need each other, just like in their song acquiesce. Noel can't sing well, and he's boring as fuck, nobody wants to see him front a band. Liam isn't clever or professional enough to write good songs. They are both shite alone. Liam just had a cracking song out named Wall of Glass but it was written by somebody else, he's still got it and proved it. Noel seems to have lost it altogether though, all his songs are pure garbage. They should reunite and try to write some old school rock n roll and none of the grown up clever stuff.
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  • Nodley wrote his opinion about Oasis
    4 years ago
    Best live band ever in my opinion, and the first two albums are up there with the best ever made. Liam has the best voice of the 90s, no doubt.
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  • 6 years ago
    Man, Oasis fans will surely get a kick out of Noel Gallagher's take on the band's videos. This is CLASSIC!
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    • Michael Z
      Michael Z
      Editing … "If you need four guys to walk around in slow motion, we were the best at that." :D
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