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  • DJ_JJSlider wrote his opinion about Ghostbusters
    2 years ago
    The first time I saw this film, I wasn't sure what to make of it. A comedy about Biblical philosophy, the apocalypse and ghosts. Whatever. I guess all that mattered to me was that it had a giant Stay Puff marshmallow man. Marshmallows taste good.
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  • Ulty wrote his opinion about Ghostbusters
    4 years ago
    A classic.

    While I personally didn't think it was as funny as most people put it out to be, the movie is still very entertaining and the kind of humor was something I was not expecting. The performances were awesome, especially Bill Murray who is simply a natural at acting. The effects loom dated by today's standards, of course, but for 1984 this was absolutely amazing.

    If I were to point a few flaws, it would be the slow and kind of unfunny first third of the movie and the fact that Winston seemed completely pointless. The pacing isn't perfect either, but it's fine enough and it didn't ruin the fun time i've with the movie.

    Oh, and the song is fucking awesome!
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  • Papissama wrote his opinion about Ghostbusters
    5 years ago
    I should have never watch it again...
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