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  • 5 years ago
    Unfortunately - no cannibals. But still very solid drama nonetheless.
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  • 6 years ago
    [#15600:Forrest Gump] is a movie about a millionaire, who has an unhealty relationship with a HIV positive drug addict. Spoiler And then she dies. The end.

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    • Rich .
      Rich .
      Editing … Forrest Gump is a film about an All American Football star/Medal of Honour winning war hero who addressed an anti-war rally/Ping Pong champion/founder of a multi million dollar company/celebrity cross continental runner who taught Elvis to dance, mooned LBJ in front of the cameras, helped expose the Watergate scandal and inspired John Lennon to write the lyrics to Imagine on live television. And how miraculously nobody at that bus stop knows who he is!
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  • benace75 wrote his opinion about Forrest Gump
    7 years ago
    This movie is a masterpiece.
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    • Aramonde
      Editing … I like this movie but i don't get what the big deal is.
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    • Ulty
      Editing … It's not a masterpiece, but it's a good film with a touching story. Tom Hanks is great as Forest, one of the few times I actually liked him perform.
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    • benace75
      Editing … I was really impressed by it. The story was heartwarming and really showed how you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I thought it was hilarious yet sad and sweet. I really liked how it played with your emotions.
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Alternative Names

Forest Gamp (SRB)
Forestas Gampas (LTU)
Forrest Gump, o Contador de Histórias (BRA)
Russia Форрест Гамп (RUS, UKR)
Φόρεστ Γκαμπ (GRE)
Форест Гъмп (BUL)

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