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  • 3 years ago
    that's a totally different ball game
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  • 4 years ago
    [@1:Pape Badiane], you played any of these? :P
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    • Nodley
      Editing … I know tons about basketball. I know teenage wolves like to play it, and that white men can't jump. Oh, and if you wear Nike Air Jordans you can jump higher, and score more goals.
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    • Papissama
      Editing … I've heard of most of them but I will never play that garbage. That Scottie Pippen game looks bleeeeh...
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  • 5 years ago
    I enjoy baseball and superbowl but basketball i'm not that familiar with. I have NBA 2K14 on PS4 but still yet to play it. You guys think it's still relevant or should I go for NBA 2K15 or some other basketball game? I rather get as realistic experience as possible to get proper introduction to basketball as a sport.

    My knowledge of basketball is Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic. Funny little story with Orlando Magic - back in mid 90s when I was 10 years old or something we used Magic Orlando (very clever,huh!) as our floorball team name in school. We had no idea Orlando was city in USA... For us it was just a cool name someone had heard or seen somewhere. Only years later I understood where it had come from. Our so clever logo was shark going through star while biting floorball stick. God how embaressing to think about it now.

    Oh god, anyways, any basketball game recommendations?
    NBA 2K14 or something new and shiny.
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  • 5 years ago
    I played my first baketball video game ever yesterday and apparently there is a basketball player in the NBA who's surname is "World Peace" ?! Is that guy for real?
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    • Aramonde
      Editing … I've never heard of him. Is it a newer NBA game? And you should play NBA JAM its really fun. Edit: Oh that idiot -_- his name WAS Ron Artest but he changed his name to Metta World Peace. fucking stupid
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    • Gries He
      Gries He
      Editing … what does "Metta" stand for?
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    • Aramonde
      Editing … I don't know probably something stupid. This got me thinking about an NFL player who's nickname is ocho-cinco because his number is 85. He wanted to put that on his jersey but the NFL wouldn't let him so he changed his last name to ocho-cinco. But that dipshit doesn't know spanish because 85 is ochenta y cinco in Spanish. Ocho-cinco is just eight- five lol.
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    • Fireball
      Editing … Metta stands for goodwill, kindness, non-violence, that kind of stuff. Funny, considering he's elbowed a player in the head, punched a fan at a game, and been charged with domestic violence.
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  • 6 years ago
    FIBA is also getting nuts! They expect to get paid for a wildcard (total 4) to participate the world championchip. They want to get ~820,000 € (1,000,000 SF) from a candidate (at the moment 14! left as Italy and Germany denied to do this) to have "good chances" to get one wildcard. Seriously what are they thinking!
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  • Papissama wrote his opinion about Basketball
    7 years ago
    Obviously my favorite sport!! It's technical, physical, intense, fast, beautiful, spectacular... and so much more!!

    I owe everything to Basketball! This sport gave me so much! I've learned the taste of utter defeat but also the joy of a championship. I've met so many great people on and off the court!

    I don't have much else to say other than this sport made me! Just go play some, it's great!!
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