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  • 3 years ago
    I just got the collector's edition in the mail, and I cannot wait to rewatch this movie! I only watched the Redux version, but apparently fans say the theatrical version is the best...i'll just watch both :P
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    • Silent Gamer
      Silent Gamer
      Editing … It's on my watchlist! I take it you would recommend it then :p
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    • Ulty
      Editing … It is one of the greatest, most well crafted and thought provoking movies ever made. It's also very stylistic, which helps it stand out from other war movies.
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  • Not Important wrote his opinion about Apocalypse Now
    4 years ago
    Coppola directed a series of masterpieces in the 70's, and the hardest to approach, hardest to watch, and maybe the most interesting in a way must be Apocalypse Now. It's very misty.
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