Favorite 3D Platformers

Favorite 3D Platformers

The big attraction of this accessible and kids-friendly genre obviously is the third dimension. Sprites move aside in favor of polygon models for the characters, objects and the environment. Compared to its 2D counterpart, this alters the gameplay significantly, allowing for more freedom and challenge for both the player as well as the developer. Although the most rudimentary set of controls thinkable - a joystick to move and a button to jump - already grants a vast amount of flexibility, gameplay depth and fun, game designers often find ways to make things even more interesting. I.e. a colorful variety of abilities; a physics engine; a movie license; a first-person perspective; or something as simple as a sidekick.

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James PrumosFavorite 3D Platformers

7 months ago

Surprised Psychonauts is so high. I'll have to give it a shot if I can find a copy

Dr EggnogFavorite 3D Platformers

1 year ago

Bubsy 3D and The Hobbit have an equal number of points.


Ed KickFavorite 3D Platformers

1 year ago

For some reason I can't rank Mirror's Edge. Papissama

Ed Kick It's already on the list at 18 that's why I'm confused.

1 year ago

Husky Wing someone must have removed the genre

1 year ago

Silent Gamer Most strange. It's my #2

1 year ago

Will LoughmanFavorite 3D Platformers

3 years ago

Its nice to see mirrors edge so high.

Riley Ivy I still need to play that...

3 years ago

Richard Pale It's generally a really good list. Shame Spyro 2 & 3 aren't higher and Mario 64 should be at least a bit lower but Galaxy, Mirror's Edge and Sands of Time are all in the top 10 which is cool.

3 years ago