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  • Ulty wrote his opinion about The Terminator
    5 years ago
    The first movie in the series is an all time classic, and in my opinion it's still the best. It's a perfect blend of action, sci-fi, film noir and horror, which resulted in a groundbreaking film.

    The Terminator was also a landmark in special effects, with some of the best use of make up and practical effects in history. To this day it still looks pretty damn good, and i'd say better than all of this CGI shit we've been seeing a long time. The design of the Terminator animatronic also contributed alot to the horror aspect, the way it moves, sounds and surprises the characters heavily resemble the killer or monster you usually see in horror films.

    It also has a surprisingly deep story, with it's own level of complexity, emotional power and thematic depth. All of this done at a near perfect pacing with terrific direction, always leaving the viewer in the egde of his seat.

    Thrilling, compelling, entertaining, touching and innovative. Everything a movie should strive for.
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    • Rich .
      Rich .
      Editing … I reckon this is still James Cameron's best film. T2's bigger but it's not better, I prefer the Terminator as a villain instead of a bodyguard and I didn't really like the 10 year old John Connor.
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  • dvd wrote his opinion about The Terminator
    7 years ago
    Arnold Schwarzeneggar as a robot; it's the role he was destined to play.
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