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  • 3 years ago
    That feeling when you find out something has fans you didn't know about.

    I dunno how to score this. I saw it in the theater (because of school, lulz) and really liked it as a kid. Then I saw it as an adult and found it merely passable. The animation never bothered me. I find the humans in a lot of 7th gen games more freaky looking than here. I guess my problem is that everything after the train is mostly unmemorable. When I went back to it, I was surprised that there was more than 20 minutes after the train. I'd assumed it was most of the movie, cause that's where it feels like all the actual stuff happens.
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  • Husky Wing wrote his opinion about The Polar Express
    5 years ago
    So lifelike it's scary.
    Santa's kind of a dick in this movie. He goes years without giving a single gift to a poor kid. Then there's the evangelical Santa believer who sings about all the wonderful things she gets, while the poor boy sings "all the things I've heard about, but never really seen." She's a dick too.
    And damn, that's a lot of Tom Hanks.
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  • benace75 wrote his opinion about The Polar Express
    6 years ago
    The Polar Express is a technical marvel and a heartwarming and memorable Christmas movie. The characters kind of creep me out though because of how life-like they are though.
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