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  • Salnax wrote his opinion about Kefka Palazzo
    5 years ago
    Kefka is the best villain in the series. This is not because he is the most powerful, more demented, or most threatening. If anything, it's the opposite. Kefka starts out as a joke, capable of little more than empty threats and silly one-liners. When first fought, he about as powerful than a party member from the early game. But over the course of FF6's first half, he works his way up in the world, committing increasingly heinous acts and gaining a stronger position to work from. Yet despite this, he never seems to notice a difference, reciting silly jokes while killing the innocent. That's creepy. And by the end, we learn why he still jokes; the death of countless innocents was the best possible thing in his eyes. Sort of like the nihilism of FFX's Seymour, but with excessive malice instead of despair. Kefka represents one of the most threatening types of villains: the enemy of all things that only grows more powerful.
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  • Wrl6199 wrote his opinion about Kefka Palazzo
    6 years ago
    Great monster villains tap into primal, instinctive fears. Even before they open their mouths to cackle maniacally and order the doing of evil deeds, they can inspire fear and loathing merely by their very presence. Therein lies the appeal of Final Fantasy VI's Kefka, who sparks the in-grown terror of clowns that lurks in all of us.

    Of course, he's got more than his freaky painted face to get him over as the ultimate bad guy – an apocalyptic plot gave him awesome evil deeds to do, while a fine English script gave him plenty of snappy lines – but his looks definitely got him off on the right villainous foot.
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