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  • DJ_JJSlider wrote his opinion about Friction Baby
    1 year ago
    If Better Than Ezra's debut was a mixed bag of alt-rock/country tunes, their second album was hard-hitting classic with two of the best singles of the 90s. It didn't just show off the angsty band at the peak of their abilities--mixing all sorts of weird jazz instruments with their guitars in some sort of sweet homage to the sounds of New Oreleans. "Friction, Baby" is one of the most creative, under-rated gems of the post-grunge era.
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    • MasterCrash
      Editing … One of my best friends really likes this band. It's pretty good
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    • DJ_JJSlider
      Editing … Yeah, I still kinda wish other bands would try some sort of grunge-ish New Orleans jazz idea.
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    • Better Than Ezra - "Desperately Wanting" official music video  
    • Better Than Ezra - King Of New Orleans (Official Video)  
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