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  • Free Fall wrote her opinion about Etrian Odyssey
    4 years ago
    If any of you are looking for a DS/3DS game that uses the touch screen in an acceptable way I strongly recommend this series. You explore a dungeon and use the stylus to draw your map as you go. Ordinarily a game would just autodraw the map for you as you explore, and it might sound like a chore to you, but for me doing it myself gives me a great sense of exploration. I would love to see more games incorporate mechanics like this, like maybe a sailing game where you have to chart an archipelago. Maybe you have to record any wildlife you find and draw pictures of them. That would be a blast!
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  • Waluigi wrote his opinion about Etrian Odyssey
    5 years ago
    Can't believe I didn't get into this series sooner! An amazing set of games! At least I get to appreciate all the re-makes now!
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