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  • 5 years ago
    Aaaaw these Make-a-Wish things always puts a smile on my face :3
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    • Caff
      Editing … John Cena has the record for most wishes granted, at over 400
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    • Erektionsite
      Editing … Yeah he seems to do a lot of those things. I think there is no doubt that he deeply cares about his fans and I respect him for that.
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    • Caff
      Editing … The WWE in general is great about granting wishes, this coming from someone who's not into wrestling
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  • Erektionsite wrote his opinion about Bray Wyatt
    6 years ago
    After watching his match at the most recent Royal Rumble and his match at WM30 I am really starting to like this guy, he is a great performer with a great gimmick.
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