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  • 2 years ago
    Nod wants
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  • Nodley wrote his opinion about Atari Jaguar
    2 years ago
    More bits then games.
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    • Sudertum
      Editing … List of homebrew made games is almost longer than the officially released ones!
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  • 6 years ago
    I put off making my top 10 list for a while because I didn't think I had uncovered enough good Jaguar games to fill out a top 10. I still haven't, but I can't put this off forever. When this console came out, I really bought the hype, or 'did the math', you might say. I mean, 64 bits, get the fuck out of here, that's four times as many as Super Nintendo! Plus I have always had a lot of love for Atari, even if their heyday was before my time. So guess what I asked for for my birthday. I was so stoked when I ripped off the wrapping paper and I saw those cardboard cat eyes staring at me. The first console I ever saved the box for.

    There is still something special about this system even though I never play it. Something about it keeps drawing me back, always searching for its one diamond-in-the-rough amazing game.
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    • Nodley
      Editing … I don't think there are enough good games to do a proper top 10. In my opinion it's the weakest console library I've played.
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    • Sudertum
      Editing … Nearly completed the library out of boredom, still not impressive...
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