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Jet Set RadioVideo Game (3D Platformer)

Tokyo-to, a city not unlike Tokyo, somewhere in Asia, in the near future. This is the story about the GG's, one of three rival teenage gangs who ride motorised inline skates and are tagging the streets with graffiti. There is a turf war going on between the gangs GG's, the Poison Jam, and the high-tech freaks, the Noise Tanks. The evil Rokkaku Corporation has the corrupt police in their grasp, and, headed by Captain Onishima, the cops are hell-bent on subduing the unruly teen protagonists. But... View more

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Benjamin Davidson wrote his opinion about Jet Set Radio

1 year ago

Despite what you've played and what you've heard, Jet Grind Radio is only tangentially about skating and graffiti.

Dustin Cooper wrote his opinion about Jet Set Radio

4 years ago

One of the most unique platformers I've ever encountered.

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