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Final Fantasy VIIVideo Game (J-Style RPG)


Final Fantasy VII (ファイナルファンタジーVII, Fainaru Fantajiī Sebun?, stylized as FINAL FANTASY VII) is a role-playing video game developed by Square (now Square Enix) as the seventh installment in the Final Fantasy series. It was released in 1997 for the Sony PlayStation, in 1998 for Microsoft Windows-based personal computers, in 2009 on the PlayStation Network, in 2012 on PC Digital Download, and in 2013 on Steam. The game is the first in the series to use 3D computer graphics, f... View more [Wikipedia]

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nodley shared a link about Final Fantasy VII

1 week ago

This makes me want to get Minecraft.

It Took Two Years To Make Final Fantasy VII's Midg...

Minecraft modder Killerx20 has finally released his giant re-creation of Final Fantasy VII's Midgar, which he's been building (with help) since early 2012. - Rank it!


Matt Rollins wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

2 months ago

This one hardly needs an explanation; even those unfamiliar with JRPGs, even those who didn't own a PS1 have heard of this game. In detail. That alone attests to its far-reaching influence. Great characters, a nearly flawless buildup giving motive to each party member to keep them going on their grueling adventure, and a legendary fight between one of gaming's most iconic villains and most iconic heroes.

Adding in the incredible depth and customizability in combat due to the Materia system and the legendary music of Nobuo Uetmatu, this is a game for the ages.

John La wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

3 months ago

My favorite of all time for sure, this game will always hold a special place in my heart. Although many elements of FF7 haven't aged well, nostalgia makes it easy to overlook those flaws. The graphics have a simple charm and the music is riveting. So many moments in the game make me emotional.

Gries He

6 months ago

woah, the official Final Fantasy VII strategy guide is worth almost 40 € according to amazon. Should I sell it or keep it in my collection ? I don't really need the money right now, but on the other hand that book is just gathering dust on my shelf...

TanteGuro You keep it of course. Seal it in a plastic bag and store it for another ten years at least.

6 months ago


James Haley wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

7 months ago

Final Fantasy VII is easilly the best RPG I have ever played, and in terms of games in general, had a design that was just literally out of this world. One of the first games developed with a multi-million dollar budget, and one of the first to make effective and *not annoying* use of pre-rendered video. It tells an engaging story that's worth revisiting multiple times and has many elements that are open to interpretation, or that aren't obvious at all until heavily thought about. I loved the materia mechanic, and the great summons. One fault is that it's really really easy once you have an even mild understanding of its mechanics. Once you can game them actively, it's an absolute breeze. Fortunately, it's easy to invent your own challenges in a game this huge.


Paul Villanueva wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

9 months ago

This is the game that showed my 8 year-old ass that games can tell some mature story-telling. How I comprehended it at 8 I don't know, but I do know I play this game all the way through every year during the summer. It's unforgettable plot twists (AERIIIITH!), meth-like RPG elements, and extremely memorable cast all make for a absolutely wonderful experience that never fails to sweep me off my feet. Plus that Sephiroth dude!? FF VII will always be the reason why I became a hardcore gamer.


Doctor Eggnog wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

Final Fantasy VII was my first rpg and blew my mind when I was little. The story is epic yet strikes a deep personal connection and can be very moving or shocking. The FMV was jaw-dropping at the time, and some of the music is beautiful. The Materia system is simple yet addictive. And the world the game creates is unique but massive. Like many say, it's a masterpiece.


1 year ago

I just found out something about this game that has made me look at this game differently.


tabootay wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

One really great RPG with some issues.


nodley wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

Simply the best game ever made. The story is epic and the beautiful music perfectly catches the mood.


Bass 260 wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

Final Fantasy VII goes above and beyond what most games strive to achieve; making a long lasting experience that's not only memorable but life changing at times. Final Fantasy VII is a game I can flip on any day, and I'll immediately be ushered into its Steampunk and Fantasy world - often reminded of its tale of loss and how even if people have moved on or are no longer around, they'll never be forgotten. Hironobu Sakaguchi wrote the main plot based off his own mother's death and he does a wondrous job of weaving the tale together, while keeping the gameplay simple and fun at all times with its materia system. It's a timeless game that should be played by gamers of all kind and is still absolutely playable today.


Waluigi Fan wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

I've completed this game for the first time... I agree with the popular opinion that it is an outstanding game - but for me, it was unable to beat my all-time faves FFIX and FFX. Overall I found it a bit too easy because most enemies can be defeated with just one strike. The graphics are good, the music is awesome, the battle animations are outstanding and the characters are likeable. The mini-games were annoying and CD3 is way too short (it actually only contained the last "dungeon" and the final battle). I love the battle system, it's simple and fun. The German translation is the worst I have ever seen in a video game with spelling/grammar mistakes and garbled dialogs. The 35 hours I spent on this game were very fun though.

Ice The Retro Kid wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

I'm sorry, once a game has your childhood and blows your mind, you're stuck with this... and for the time it was like landing on the moon with 3D rpgs, every JRPG forward from this has this game to thank. It brought JRPGs to all the way to the mainstream market, it set a template for every other JRPG and it was just so groundbreaking. Pardon the PSX for its graphics and loading times and everything else is amazing, a bit of a step backwards in character development from the previous Final Fantasy game, but still just awesome in its own right. In short: Even though, I really love Nintendo, this turned my Nintendo 64 into a dust collector.


Josh Choong wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

I played this on the PC, and this is a finest masterpiece of the fifth generation era. Excellent storyline, excellent materia system with characters that you have feelings for in a rich, complex world. There isn't anything that you won't want for a game like this. A true classic !

Aramonde wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

1 year ago

Such rich story, deep characters, this games put JRPG's on the map. The only criticism i can say is the graphics don't hold up well, but hardly any games do from the PS1/64 era. JRPG's aren't about graphics anyway it's more about the story.


Michael Z wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

2 years ago

The Gone With The Wind of video games. Epic doesn't even begin to describe it.


Pudding wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

2 years ago

It's astonishing how well this game holds up after all these years. Final Fantasy VII is nothing short of a masterpiece (especially when put into perspective). Sure, gameplay and graphics might not have aged most gracefully, but both have enough charm in order for you to neglect the crudeness. Music and story, on the other hand, are fantastic as they have ever been. Had I not been bombarded with massive spoilers before playing this game and had I played it within a few years of its release, this game would probably be in my top 5 ATF games.
Pros: Fantastic story, incredible music, diverse cast of interesting characters
Cons: Gameplay is rather rigid, uneven pacing, writing leaves something to be desired


Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

2 years ago

I really miss Final Fantasy 7. It has a fantastic story involving a corrupt, futuristic empire and powerful magical superhumans. The game was incredibly easy for anyone to pick it up and play it instantly. It was one of those RPGs that just seemed to deliver everything that a gamer ever wanted in an adventure. Anyone could spend endless hours, wasting time in a deep world full of beautiful backgrounds and fun minigames.


Big Boss wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy VII

3 years ago

Maybe not the most technically sound RPG, but it is certainly a bold game that deservedlly captured the zeitgeist of the early 3D era. While it hasn't aged as gracefully as other FF titles, it still has an ambitious fearlessness to it that still comes across today. No game has shaped my tastes in gaming as much as Final Fantasy VII did.

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