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BastionVideo Game (W-Style RPG, 3D Beat 'em Up)

Bastion is an action role-playing video game developed by independent developer Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In the game, the player controls "the Kid" as he moves through floating, fantasy-themed environments and fights enemies of various types. It features a dynamic voiceover from a narrator, and is presented as a two-dimensional game with an isometric camera and a hand-painted, colorful art style. Bastion's story follows the Kid as he collects spe... View more [Wikipedia]

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Ed KickBastion

2 years ago

There are three main selling points for Bastion: 1. The look of the game, it's art style, atmosphere, world etc. 2. The games unique style of story telling and Logan Cunningham's narration. 3. The fantastic soundtrack by Darren Korb with Ashley Barrett. Just to experience those three things is well worth the price of admission.

Bastion does two impressive things that can be difficult to do together. It is wholly unique and original and also feels exceptionally well polished. The fact that Supergiant accomplished this feat the first go around makes it that much more impressive.

Bastion's gameplay doesn't disappoint either and feels just as polished as the rest of the game. The combat has plenty of depth and variety with a decent amount of weapons that all feel vastly different. The game earns it's action rpg label at its hub area "the bastion" where you can level up with spirits, upgrade weapons with items found in levels, change weapon and power combinations and more. It adds further depth, variety and exceptional level of polish the game already had. Due to the variety of weapons and the inclusion of challenge areas that test your skill with a particular weapon the combat never once throughout the whole game felt dull.

Darren Korb's soundtrack is phenomenal easily one of the best gaming soundtracks ever. Ashely Barrett's "Build That Wall" was the highlight of the whole soundtrack and one of my favorite gaming songs. Logan Cunningham's narration was unique and mad the game feel more personal. The world that was built is rich and unique. The story exceeded my expectations and became one of my favorite stories in gaming, it pulled off a story about a mysterious world you have minimal knowledge of it without being vague or pretentious. The way this game looks and sounds puts it in a league all it own. Along with its enjoyable combat and RPG elements it has to be one of the most well rounded and complete games I've ever played.

Even playing it half a decade after its release I've never played anything like it. If you haven't played this game your doing yourself a disservice.


Woodrow ShigeruBastion

3 years ago

Amir Rao speaks about Game Design and multiplatformism.

Bastion's Amir Rao - Full Keynote Speech - D.I.C.E...

2013 D.I.C.E. Videos Here: Amir Rao, Creator of the hit game Bastion and Studio Director of Supergiant Games, gives his keynote speech ... - Play Video

Woodrow ShigeruBastion

3 years ago

If you ever encounter the "lorem ipsum" bug which shows only placeholder texts » Start the game with the parameter "-lang en".

Bastion Problem (updated, solved)

I figured my embarrassment at not knowing about all the features here on Bastion helped shame me into downloading the game and trying it out. It's fai

Joshua Hutton wrote his opinion about Bastion

3 years ago

A game with a great visual style, interesting story, and possibly the best soundtrack I've heard in awhile.

Score: 8.0 (Great!)

Kylin Snowden wrote his opinion about Bastion

3 years ago

Bastion is a beautiful game and its really hard for me to express into words why I love it. The gameplay is nothing special but it is very fun. While lacking depth it does give you a reason to play the game with different weapons as each is completely different. No weapon is better than the other. Its up to you to find what works and get really good at that. The games story is very good. Its not complicated but it works. I think that the reason its well loved is because of the way its told. Everything you do is narrated by a character in the game who happens to have a very nice voice that sounds like your grandfather telling a folktale over a campfire. He sounds great and the dialogue is well written. Not mentioning the music in this game would be tragic. Darren Korb produces some amazing tracks in this game and Ashley Barret's vocals are exceptional. I cant think of any issues and this game is just fantastic. I recommend it to anyone whos a sucker for music and storytelling.

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Gries He wrote his opinion about Bastion

4 years ago

Way out west there was this fella, he called himself “The Kid”. Now “Kid” - that’s a name no one would self-apply where I come from. But then there was a lot about the kid that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. I only mention it because sometimes there’s a kid...I won’t say a hero, cause what’s a hero? But sometimes, there’s a kid. Well, he’s the kid for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that’s the kid, in Bastion. I lost my train of thought here, but aw what the hell - I’ve done introduced him enough.

Score: 8.0 (Great!)

Zerxos Oakenleaf wrote his opinion about Bastion

4 years ago

Great atmosphere and a great story. The narrator is awesome and the game is very fun. To me though what matters in a game is the soundtrack and this game in particular has one of the best soundtracks, a real masterpiece...

Arjun Chowdhury wrote his opinion about Bastion

5 years ago

something different

Aiden Bains wrote his opinion about Bastion

5 years ago

Bastion's greatest triumph is establishing a memorable and original atmosphere - the beautiful colour palette, interactive environment, and evolving soundtrack all help to immerse the player in a creative world. The fantastic narration also deserves recognition, with player-personalised audio clips giving personality to every moment. The combat is simple but enjoyable, only occasionally seeming repetitive. The variety in weapons is great, but once a few of these have been upgraded there's little reason to switch between the others. Most of the progression mechanics in this game seem poorly implemented, with leveling having little visible difference, and overpowered upgrades removing any sense of challenge for the last quarter of the game.

Score: 7.0 (Good!)

Fred TR wrote his opinion about Bastion

5 years ago

Aesthetically Bastion is fantastic. It looks great; the colours, the design the style..they ooze from every pore of the game in abundance. The music is pretty good too, and the guy who narrates the entire game is very appealing and interesting. He comments on so much, and slowly reveals the initially pretentious and cliched storyline into something interesting and engaging. I didn't care too much for the combat as it felt a tad arcady, but in the end I really liked it as I could choose what weapons I had with me (there's a wide variety of combat styles to adopt due to the vast array of diverse weapons).
Good game.

Score: 7.0 (Good!)


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  • wwUnited Kingdom Bastion
  • China 堡垒

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  • باستیون (Farsi)

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