Favorite Super NES Games

Favorite Super NES Games

The Super Famicom was unleashed in Japan in November of 1990. It joined the ranks of its 4th Generation competitors late, but nonetheless, it was vastly successful right from the start; despite the fact that it launched with just a few games - only two in Japan! In fact, it was such a big hit that it caused real-life disturbances which led to the japanese government asking Nintendo to release all future consoles on weekends. With the release in further territories under the name of "Super Nintendo Entertainment System", the company carried out a slew of masterpieces, hidden gems and timeless classics that, to this day, are still favorites among many gamers.

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Gries HeFavorite Super NES Games

2 years ago

SNES games in the top 20 that I haven't completed/played yet:

8. Super Mario RPG
9. Mega Man X
10. Earthbound
14. Kirby Super Star
16. Final Fantasy IV
17. Super Castlevania IV
18. Turtles in Time

Bob GutSmasha What happened to your lists? I can't even remember what games you like other than obscure PSP racing games.

2 years ago

rockshard PhD lol, every now and then someone would ask me where my lists went, but that was a while ago. I thought it was common knowledge by now that I have no lists. Maybe when favslist's list maker supports tablets then I will make lists again.

2 years ago

free fall @rockshard2 It's playable without one, they only packed in the guide because they thought we were too dumb to beat it without it (the Japanese version didn't include it I believe).

2 years ago