Favorite J-Style RPGs

Favorite J-Style RPGs

Attack - Magic - Item. Who doesn't enjoy the taste of a refreshing Potion while you're listening to the glorious Victory Fanfare? Because you usually spend hours upon hours with these grinding-driven games, they depend largely on high-quality music. A fact that the strong narrative often benefits from when it bestows a very memorable scene upon you. And yet, you spend most of the time in the menus - because of the big tactical component. What job to choose before the next random battle strikes? What weapon to equip before entering this dungeon? How to proceed through the skill board before advancing the story to the next chapter? And most importantly: does this armor suit me?

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Silent Gamer

3 weeks ago

Hmm, it seems I own 46 of the top 100

Big Boss I count 66

2 weeks ago

Leo Barbosa

7 months ago

What's the difference between J-style RPGs and W-style RPGs? I'm quite confused. I wanted to do both lists, but I can't agree about which games should go in each list.

nodley Nobody knows for sure, it's an age old internet argument. However, FF is JRPG style and stuff like Fallout 3 is WRPG style.

7 months ago

Shad Fork It's confusing because the roles reversed at some point in the 80s. Originally, western RPGs were turn/menu-based, like Ultima, while Japanese RPGs were more what we'd call "adventure" style games. (Think Zelda) The success of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy made western-style RPGs the norm in Japan while the whole genre sort of went out of vogue in the west. When the west started creeping back into the market late 90s early 2000s, it distinguished itself by borrowing from the traditional Japanese style. So WRPGs originated in Japan and JRPGs originated in the west. At least, that's how I understand it.

6 months ago


9 months ago

Can I just say I approve of the merge of the SKUs between the original and new versions of games? I got sick and tired of people voting for Persona 4 Golden on their favorite JRPG list instead of the base game, which hurts the original product from climbing the list. Now my curiosity is over and I see where Persona 4 lands definitively regardless of version. Thanks.

Papissama You're welcome I'm happy to P4 (and P3 too) get the love it deserve.

9 months ago


2 years ago

Ha! That description text is oddly familiar … ;^D