• 3 years ago
    Originally Posted by Nirolak
    Warner Bros guide to success:
    Make Suicide Squad game since 2010, with the game being the reason the studio was started in the first place.
    In 2013, release a Batman filler game (Arkham Origins) as a warm up project, and received both ho-hum sales and ho-hum reviews.
    In 2015 or 2016, start a Damian Wayne Batman game.
    In 2016, cancel Suicide Squad despite every major game in its genre selling 10+ million units, even when they're rife with horrific issues.
    In 2017, reboot the Damian Wayne Batman game after having not released a game since 2013.
    Have a bunch of job postings for another service game despite this seeming to be an odd fit with Damian Wayne Batman, suggesting they either brought back Suicide Squad, or their that Damian Wayne Batman is absolutely nothing like it was before.
    Contemplate how to answer the question of "What do our 400 staff members in Montreal actually provide Warner Bros?" in the next studio review.
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    • Sandvich
      Editing … When are we getting the Slipknot game we deserve? How else am I supposed to realize my dream of being able to climb anything? WB, WHY YOU SO CRUEL?!?!
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  • 5 years ago
    Good Guy Warner Bros.

    But man who'd a thunk that in a world where Steam Refunds are a thing publishers wouldn't be able to fuck us as easily? Now maybe we can get people to stop pre-ordering. Imagine what a world that would be.
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    • Husky Wing
      Husky Wing
      Editing … I might pre-order my first game since 2012 (I Am Alive + Worms Revolution). My Mad Max... ;-;
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    • Ryan Thorp
      Ryan Thorp
      Editing … Last thing I pre-ordered was the console version of GTA V. After that I just didn't see the point of it all. Most cases I can still get a game day 1 (and did once in Skyrim) w/o pre-ordering and more times then not I could care less about the incentives; have even less incentive because of the amount of shitty launches I've recently seen. The only thing I can see tempting me to pre-order again is a sequel to Alan Wake. Already prepared to buy an Xbox One + Quantum Break just to see it made - if it doesn't get a PC release that is.
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    • Husky Wing
      Husky Wing
      Editing … I buy my Pokemon games day-one... (laugh at me! LAUGH AT ME!). Hell yes, I'd pre-order any Alan Wake games. Hopefully Quantum Break is announced for PC a few months after its Xbox release-- Microsoft doesn't seem to fond of keeping games exclusive! :p
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