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  • 4 years ago
    Decent "second tier" Spielberg. Not really all that bad but something that I definitely wouldn't consider to be up there with the directors best. Also I wonder how much involvement/influence Ethan & Joel had in the screenplay, because outside of some minor moments this doesn't feel like anything the Coen brother's have touched.
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    • Not Important
      Not Important
      Editing … I was suprised by how poor it was. I'm not a Hanks fan, but I usually enjoy the work of Spielberg, and I value the Coen brothers as writers. But this was a bit... How to say it? Soulless? Schlocky?
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    • Ryan Thorp
      Ryan Thorp
      Editing … Soulless sounds fair, certainly isn't as hard hitting or emotional as the subject matter thinks it is at times. Just think that a film that deals with civil liberty violations in the midst of the Cold War - really Cold War fear in general - would effect me more on an emotional level. Enjoyed it as a retelling of a historic moment, but I felt that's all it had to offer.
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  • 5 years ago
    Super hyped for this after watching its first trailer.

    A Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg movie? It's like my childhood all over again.
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