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  • 1 year ago
    Apparently a bunch of rabid fans wanted Nintendo to break news about Animal Crossing. Lol. I am so not looking forward to another one of these. Quit cheating me out of my money, Tom Nook.
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    • MrZAP
      Editing … Small Town Capitalism: The Game
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    • Rockshard Phd
      Rockshard Phd
      Editing … I hear you can use any Switch controller on PC, so I am thinking of getting this one to play emulators with: Mind you, I don't even like Animal Crossing, but I just like how it looks, and it's 10 bucks cheaper than most of the other colors. The Minecraft one also looks nice, but it's more expensive/rare.
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    • Rockshard Phd
      Rockshard Phd
      Editing … Reminds me of the Zelda edition 2DS which I also thought about getting once. There's just something neat about having brown buttons. Maybe because it feels low-tech. =p
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