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Super Mario Bros. 2Video Game (2D Platformer)

Super Mario Bros. 2, released in Japan as Super Mario USA (Japanese: スーパーマリオUSA?, Sūpā Mario USA), is a 1988 platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System as the North American/European sequel to the 1985 game Super Mario Bros. The game was first released in North America on October 10, 1988. Super Mario Bros. 2 has been remade or re-released for several video game consoles. The game that became Super Mario Bros. 2 started out as a prototype for a verti... View more [Wikipedia]

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Bryan Leontes wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros. 2

2 years ago

Most disagree, but this is the best in the series in my opinion. I know it's skin of another game, but it's just so much fun. The music is haunting, and the ability to switch characters is great. What a classic.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Alexander the Great wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros. 2

2 years ago

The biggest disappointment of my gaming life, after SMB1 i could not wait to play this. It was the complete opposite which i expected, making me so angry to literally sell it. Until today SMB2 is the only game i have ever sold! It isn't technically a bad game either, but it should not have "copied" from Doki Doki Panic...

Score: 7.0 (Good!)

James Haley wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros. 2

4 years ago

I loved this game from the moment I got it and unlike most of my friends - back then, and now - I feel it has more than earned its place amongst the pantheon of true Mario games. Though it didn't start life as one, it made a fantastic one and kept the franchise alive in a way the relative rehash that the Japanese Mario 2 could not have accomplished in the US market.

Score: 8.5 (Great!)

Samuel Langlois wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros. 2

5 years ago

I have a lot of fun with Luigi in this one!

Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Super Mario Bros. 2

6 years ago

A decent platformer with some interesting ideas but not on the same level as real Mario titles.


Alternative Titles

  • Super Mario USA
  • Super Mario Advance (GBA version)

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