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Sonic AdventureVideo Game (3D Platformer)

Sonic Adventure (ソニックアドベンチャー, Sonikku Adobenchā?) is a platform video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Dreamcast as the first video game to be released for the system. It was originally released for the Dreamcast in 1998, with enhanced ports of the game being released in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Windows. It has since been re-released as a downloadable game for Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network in 2010. Taking p... View more [Wikipedia]

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rockshard PhDSonic Adventure

5 months ago

I downloaded five different versions of Leading Lights.

four I got from which has a lot of duplicate soundtracks for some games for some reason. It has like 8 soundtracks for the first Sonic Adventure. So I end up having to figure out which is the highest quality version. But I this time I was stumped so I have up and downloaded the version on

Maybe I should just use soahcity from now on? I mean the only reason I didn't like it was because they come in zip files, but really so what. I'm positive his files are the best versions, and he doesn't post duplicates.

Master CrashSonic Adventure

6 months ago

Watching Game Grumps play this game made me realize that this game is flawed. There's so many bugs, the graphics suck, some of the chars have a bit of a boring gameplay (Looking at you Big). The game is not that good.
But it's still one of my Top 3 Favorite Games. Yes, the game is flawed... but it's MY flawed game <3

Vol TRH I feel the same way about Adventure 2. It is a very flawed game, with many bugs, janky animations, a poor camera, etc., but I looooooooooove it.

6 months ago

Ulty I second that. They're both very flawed games, but I still have a blast playing them and I think that's because the control for every character is very solid. It's just fun to control Sonic, and going over 300 miles per hour while Escape from the City is playing.

6 months ago

Master CrashSonic Adventure

1 year ago

>Has a pirated CD for 9 years
>Still works
>Buys Steam version

Why do I even bother?

Robert Berlin The magical wonders of modern gaming

1 year ago

Gries He And that's exactly the reason I only buy a PC game if there's no console version of it. Fuck DRM and fuck Steam.

1 year ago

Master Crash Fuck the fact that buying me a console costs me quitting college >_>

1 year ago

Djinn Fighter wrote his opinion about Sonic Adventure

3 years ago

This game hasn't aged well.
But it's still fun, very fun.

Score: 9.5 (Classic!)

Kaleb Grein wrote his opinion about Sonic Adventure

4 years ago

It hasn't aged well. The glitchy nature went from bad to worse. Cutscenes are animated horrendously, if you can even call them "animated." One of the six playable characters is all about out-of-place fishing. Even the chao system doesn't live up to its successor despite having been reimplemented from its successor. But still, somehow, I love it.

Unfortunately, I didn't grow up on classic Sonic. Having not owned any non-PC game consoles prior to the age of 10, I'm ashamed to say my first full-blown experience with the hedgehog was Sonic Heroes. Becoming unconditionally fascinated by the series as it was then, I soon dreamt of playing the Adventure games that had rooted the 3D Sonic I'd quite unusually come to care so much about.

Score: 7.5 (Great!)


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  • Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut

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