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Portal 2Video Game (Puzzle)

Portal 2 is a 2011 first-person puzzle-platform video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It is the sequel to Portal (2007) and was released on April 19, 2011, for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux (Linux is currently only in the beta channel of Steam), PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The retail versions of the game are distributed by Electronic Arts while online distribution of the Windows, OS X and Linux versions is handled by Valve's content delivery service, Steam. Portal 2 was ann... View more [Wikipedia]

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John Pratt wrote his opinion about Portal 2

4 months ago

It's more Portal with new puzzles. It's not as classic or subtle as the first one, but it's still fun.

Guillaume Vacheron wrote his opinion about Portal 2

1 year ago

Un très bon jeu, aussi bien en solo qu'en coop. Je l'ai terminé plusieurs fois mais je serai bien tenté de recommencer

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Husky WingPortal 2

2 years ago

Portal - Meet The Cores 2

Episode 2 of the 'Meet The Cores' Portal series. The series is loosely based on the style of the Team Fortress 2 'Meet The Team' shorts. Made over roughly 3 ... - Play Video

Silent GamerPortal 2

2 years ago

Ahh, I knew all that personal info I've sent Nigerian Princes over the years would pay off Thank you, mysterious stanger (who is totally not MasterCrash)

Master Crash Nigerian Princes are pretty nice, apparently

2 years ago

John La wrote his opinion about Portal 2

3 years ago

very funny dialogue, great puzzles, excellent pacing

Aiden Hunter wrote his opinion about Portal 2

3 years ago

The original Portal had the element of surprise. Its style of first-person physics-based puzzle game play was unique. Glads, the murderous robotic villain, was new and vibrant and evil in the most charming way. Cake jokes and songs about surviving dismemberment were still hilarious. It was short, succinct and essential. Creating a sequel without playing all the same notes and making it feel like Portal: The Longer Version is a tough task. For Valve, it's apparently no problem.

From the first moments of waking up in the rusting Aperture Science facility to right before the credits roll, Portal 2 rarely falters. The world is bigger, the story thicker, and the character development more surprising. The mania of Glads, the facility's operator, is molded into unexpected forms alongside a host of brutally funny personalities. The history of the Aperture Science facility is filled in, character origins discussed, and though its pacing suffers as it occasionally strikes a more serious tone,

adam howard wrote his opinion about Portal 2

3 years ago

When I beat this for the first time, I grew sad. I missed everybody already.

Tim Goldberg wrote his opinion about Portal 2

3 years ago

Thrilling, original, and hilarious.

Kylin Snowden wrote his opinion about Portal 2

3 years ago

My hopes were high and while not entirely meet I was pleased. I have some issues with it however. I feel like the humor took a wrong turn. It goes from dark humor to fat and adopted jokes. These arent bad, but it feels a forced. My main problem with the game is that most of the time jokes are thrown in just for the sake of being funny and it loses its way. It doesn't reinforce a character, its just there to be funny. GlaDOS' humor in the first Portal was funny and showed her psychopathic nature. You would think that now that Chell has killed GlaDOS she would be openly hostile and make jokes to hurt. But this is not the case, instead she calls her fat. Another problem is how big the game is.This may seem good but it hurts the puzzles. Portal was small for a reason. Too often while moving along Aperture there would be an open area with literally one exposed piece of concrete. This involves no thought. I know ive only spoken ill but I do love this game. I wish I had more room to show th

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Mecha Poltergeist wrote his opinion about Portal 2

4 years ago

What can I say that's not already been said. Great wonderful game, everything is right about it! i hear alot of complaints about the "search for the white spot" big open areas. i don't mind them that much though. the only thing i would like is more bosses than just a final boss. very good though!

Score: 8.0 (Great!)


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