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JourneyVideo Game (Adventure)

Journey is an indie video game developed by Thatgamecompany for the PlayStation 3. It was released on March 13, 2012, via the PlayStation Network. In Journey, the player controls a robed figure in a vast desert, traveling towards a mountain in the distance. Other players on the same journey can be discovered, and two players can meet and assist each other, but they cannot communicate via speech or text and cannot see each other's names. The only form of communication between the two is a musica... View more [Wikipedia]

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DJ JJ SliderJourney

1 year ago

Something must be wrong with me. I really liked Journey. After I finished it (so short), I thought I'd forget it. Then I kept thinking about the sparkling desert and the blistering snow mountain. It's as vague as an indie game could possibly get. And it has...a different style of multiplayer. I dunno, it's just IT. And not Stephen King's It.

DJ JJ Slider I can totally understand why people hate it. And honestly, I don't know why I'd rather play it. Maybe I spent too much time around gray, monotone games. So much gray. I need the colors. Lol.

1 year ago

DJ JJ Slider Sully: I'm gettin' too old for this s**t.

1 year ago

Sandy Vich Mike Wazowski: Riggs, you crazy son of a bitch!

1 year ago

DJ JJ Slider wrote his opinion about Journey

1 year ago

I really didn't think that I'd rank Journey. Heck, I didn't even think that such a simple game could be called a game of the year. However, I really couldn't think of any other multiplayer(?) game that included random strangers to help the mute main character to solve puzzles. It's a short, pretty adventure that really grew on me over time.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Aramonde HasashiJourney

2 years ago

So i just got this game for free and just finished it. Reading all the comments on this page i guess i dont get it. Now i dont think its a bad game but dont think its this amazing gaming defining game either.

The pros for me was the art style and soundtrack. All its areas are very beautiful and the orchestral score accent it very well. Both these gave the game an atmosphere like Team Ico games do.

Now the biggest con might surprise people which is the multiplayer. The first person i met guided me through the second part (the area after where the demo ends) i felt kinda annoyed because i wanted to explore more of this sand field but didn't wanna ditch him. So after we did that part he sat down for minutes and i left him.

After that if i saw someone i stayed away from them because i wanted to explore by myself. So after the first sliding part i saw someone else pop out of the little sand waterfall shorty after. He saw me and wanted me to follow but i was busy trying to get to a ledge that had a scarf power up. Well he went down and unlocked all the things to open the way to the next area. That pissed me off so i went and disabled my connection and played the rest of the game solo. Idk what that says about me lol

The story was kinda basic but it was okay .

So i would say the game was alright but nothing special.

Silent Gamer This is the fundamental issue I have with multiplayer. Playing it when it is fresh and new is a completely different experience from playing it once it has been around for a while. When it is new, everyone is in the same boat, having to explore and discover the game for themselves. As time goes on, more and nore of the people playing have already seen all there is to see and spend their time trying to "beat" the game by discovering the fastest routes, best spots, most efficient loadout. Worse still (in my mind) are the ones who decide to "help" newer players by showing them all these "correct" ways to do things and the "best" loadouts. They rob the newer players of the chance to discover things for themselves, rushing them through the experience towards the end goal, that is their end goal, not the newbie's. It's a shame you had such an annoying experience, but this is the risk of Journey, and multiplayer as a whole.

2 years ago

Gries He Good point, Dan. He's still wrong tho

2 years ago

Ove Duesund Journey is definitely a game that was best when it was newly released. The encounters you had with other people then were really fun with both of you trying to figure out things and trying to communicate. When I went back to it I had the same experience as you had. Too many "pros" running around. Still one of my favourite games though!

2 years ago

Captain Obvious wrote his opinion about Journey

2 years ago

This was definitely a journey, but not one I would take again. The highlights were definitely the soundtrack, sliding, and of course the art style. I just didn't care for the story at all which I was told was pretty good. I was a little disappointed, but not enough to give it a bad score.

Score: 8.0 (Great!)

Silent Gamer A shame you were disappointed I wouldn't even count it as having a story tbh. Did you play it online? That was the real magic of the game and why it was so lauded.

2 years ago

Gries HeJourney

2 years ago

Waluigifan ! So that's why he posted on the wedding page... he's going to marry a random guy from Spain and he's already planning the wedding!

2 years ago

Leo Barbosa that's so cute

2 years ago

nodley Green You should try sex, by the sounds of it, I think you'll like it.

2 years ago

Husky Wing wrote his opinion about Journey

3 years ago

Who is this strange figure beside me? What do they think they're doing in my game?
No, fellow traveler-- don't go. We shall venture forth together ;-;
It is cold. Walk beside me, warm your scarf.
I made some great pals in this game, and I never made any attempts to contact them afterwards. Can't wait to do it again.

Score: 9.0 (Fantastic!)

Dr Eggnog wrote his opinion about Journey

3 years ago

I don't have a sand fetish, but if I did . . .

Score: 7.0 (Good!)

Gries He Don't fool yourself, Journey is clearly a 10/10 and if you think otherwise you're deluding yourself. WAKE UP AMERICA

3 years ago

Dr Eggnog I enjoyed it but I didn't get hit with feels like some people and I'll probably never play it again.

3 years ago

Dr EggnogJourney

3 years ago

I told Kyle to imagine Shadow of the Colossus with Journey's graphics and he creamed his pants. Best graphics on PS3.

Husky WingJourney

3 years ago

I just completed my first playthrough
what a beautiful game


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