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Final FantasyVideo Game (J-Style RPG)

Final Fantasy (ファイナルファンタジー, Fainaru Fantajī?) is a fantasy role-playing video game created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, developed and first published in Japan by Square (now Square Enix) in 1987. It is the first game in Square's Final Fantasy series. Originally released for the NES, Final Fantasy was remade for several video game consoles and is frequently packaged with Final Fantasy II in video game collections. The story follows four youths called the Light Warriors, who each carry one of their wor... View more [Wikipedia]

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Silent GamerFinal Fantasy

1 year ago

I had somehow forgotten how great this soundtrack was ^.^

Silent GamerFinal Fantasy

1 year ago

Having a lot of fun messing around with this "Connect all the FF games" document I found a few months back I decided to delve through all the files and notes I made and restarted the "project". Decided to throw time travel in it for the hell of it, because it made it more of a challenge and thus more fun There are now 26 timelines for the world of Final Fantasy Worlds A-Z

Silent Gamer I might make a thread to post my thoughts and ramblings. That way you guys could help me iron out/come up with convulated ways of fixing plot holes. You could even post your own thoughts on fanfiction, game theories, interconnected plotlines, etc.

1 year ago

Michael Burton wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy

3 years ago

Final Fantasy, A time suck is I every met one... A great RPG but no Dragon Warrior.

Will Loughman wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy

4 years ago

Everyone I've played have awesome storylines. Not to mention the consistency.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Brent Adams wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy

4 years ago

The original and, IMHO, still the best. The ability to choose the classes that comprise your party is a deceptively genius way to add replay value (try completing the game with a party of all Warriors or Red Mages). The strategy involved in character upgrades, turn-based combat, and exploration just never gets old for me. Oh, and class-change rocks your face off.

Antsy Banger wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy

5 years ago

(NES) Suffers from a severe lack of fun and excitement. Influential as it was and deserving of credit for bringing some CRPG innovations to the NES, most of us probably wouldn't touch a game like this without the FF name on it; the games simply weren't worth the time investment at this early stage of the genre's development. Anyone who wants to look into the series' roots should instead try the PS1 version, or the Mod of Balance version of Dawn of Souls.

Score: 5.0 (Average!)

Big Boss A. wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy

6 years ago

Not much different than some of the other recent remakes besides even fancier graphical touches, but this version is really cheap to find and the one I'd recommend to new players.

Score: 7.0 (Good!)

Doubleagent Louis wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy

6 years ago

While I personally have never played the original Final Fantasy without this game one of my favourite game franchises / game companies would not exist.

Dustin Cooper wrote his opinion about Final Fantasy

7 years ago

This is a bit archaic by modern standards, but it's still aged leagues better than the first Dragon Warrior. I'm not sure if it's worth playing for people who didn't grow up on games like this, but I'm still pretty fond of it.


Official Titles(● = Original Title)

  • wwUnited Kingdom Final Fantasy
  • Japan ファイナルファンタジー

Alternative Titles

  • Final Fantasy Origins (PS1)
  • Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls (GBA)

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