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Cave StoryVideo Game (Action Adventure, 2D Platformer)

Cave Story begins with an amnesiac soldier finding a city of rabbits (called Mimigas). The Mimigas are preyed on by an evil doctor, who kidnaps them for his evil experiments. The Mimigas still remember Arthur, a hero from their past and others are awaiting for the return of Dragons. The soldier soon falls in with Sue, a stranger to the Mimigas, but the only one who seems to know about the Dragon Eggs. Unfortunately the doctor wants her next. Cave Story closely resembles an NES platformer with a

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Tim Goldberg wrote his opinion about Cave Story

3 years ago

The greatest of all indie games.

Mayar KarkoutCave Story

4 years ago

Hadn't had this atmosphere since Rockman x4! Shooting, moving, picking up weapons, fighting off boss after boss, watching those around you fall... all of this and yet it held this cutesy, nice aura. I played this game 10 years after its release and it clearly shows that a good game is a good game no matter when was it released.

Jonathan Oyama wrote his opinion about Cave Story

7 years ago

Cave Story seamlessly combines platform jumping with some of the most intense shooting stages ever made. I'm still impressed that a single developer can pack a deep, dramatic story with bunnies and robots into a 8-bit platformers. The game only gets better with age. It's a classic legend that still deserves far more recognition than it has received so far.

Score: 10.0 (Classic!)

Dustin Cooper wrote his opinion about Cave Story

7 years ago

It's amazing that one guy by himself managed to not only capture what made games like Metroid and Monster World great, but actually exceed them.


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Game Info

  • Released:Yes
  • First Release Date:2004
  • Genre(s):Action Adventure
    2D Platformer
  • Theme(s):Platform > Wiiware
    Platform > DSiWare
    Platform > PC > Download
    Miscellaneous > Freeware
    Gameplay > Metroidvania
  • Developed by:Studio Pixel
  • Published by:Nicalis
  • System(s):Macintosh
    Nintendo DS


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