All-Time Fav Five

All-Time Fav Five

Everyone has their favorite things - from movies, to books, to restaurants, to videogames, sports teams, actors and more. Many of our favorite things stick with us throughout our life and help define who we really are. The All-Time Fav Five is your chance to highlight those things on your profile and reward their pages with a big boost in popularity. Choose wisely and let your list reflect your passion for your favorite things!

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  • #1

    5.3K+0 pointsVideo gameVideo gameRanked by 97 users (+0 users)
  • #2

    2.7K+0 pointsYīnyuèYīnyuèRanked by 48 users (+0 users)
  • #3

    2.6K+0 pointsShenmue IIIShenmue IIIRanked by 52 users (+0 users)
  • #4

    2.1K+0 pointsFilmFilmRanked by 41 users (+0 users)
  • #5

    1.7K+0 pointsShenmue IIShenmue IIRanked by 34 users (+0 users)
  • #6

    1.6K+0 pointsInternetInternetRanked by 30 users (+0 users)
  • #7

    1.4K+0 pointsShenmueShenmueRanked by 27 users (+0 users)
  • #8

    1.2K+0 pointsAnimeAnimeRanked by 23 users (+0 users)
  • #9

    1.2K+0 pointsZero Time DilemmaZero Time DilemmaRanked by 23 users (+0 users)
  • #10

    1.0K+0 pointsShenmueShenmueRanked by 20 users (+0 users)
  • #11

    780+0 pointsReadingReadingRanked by 14 users (+0 users)
  • #12

    710+0 pointsFamilyFamilyRanked by 13 users (+0 users)
  • #13

    660+0 pointsFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VIIRanked by 13 users (+0 users)
  • #14

    650+0 pointsStar CitizenStar CitizenRanked by 13 users (+0 users)
  • #15

    600+0 pointsThe Last of UsThe Last of UsRanked by 12 users (+0 users)
  • #16

    480+0 pointsThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeRanked by 8 users (+0 users)
  • #17

    460+0 pointsNintendoNintendoRanked by 9 users (+0 users)
  • #18

    450+0 pointsDark SoulsDark SoulsRanked by 8 users (+0 users)
  • #19

    450+0 pointsBasketballBasketballRanked by 8 users (+0 users)
  • #20

    450+0 pointsMass EffectMass EffectRanked by 9 users (+0 users)
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Gries HeAll-Time Fav Five

2 years ago

Combine your all-time fav five into one thing!

Batman is simultaneously swinging a lightsaber and eating some delicious cheese while riding a mountainbike across some stylized rooftops.

Dr Eggnog If you guys have my top 5 memorized like you should, you shouldn't even have to check my page to enjoy that line.

2 years ago

Richard Pale I had to check your page. Sorry Egg but I still didn't enjoy it.

2 years ago

Dr Eggnog I'm just messing. It's lot like I talk about Hatchet much, as I haven't read it since high school. And I stopped watching classic Simpsons a bunch around the time I joined Unikgamer.

2 years ago

Jonathan OyamaAll-Time Fav Five

2 years ago

This list looks so weird now. Lol. The essence of life games, the Internet, Shenmue, sex and pizza.

Jakob Triemstra Now, apparently, people prefer both Shenmues over the internet, and all 3 Shenmues, Pokemon, Anime, and Manga are above sex.

2 years ago

Djinn FighterAll-Time Fav Five

2 years ago

I still want this list to be a top 10. Five is not enough


2 years ago

Woodrow Shigeru How about "Topless Land" ? ;^D

2 years ago

Gries He I'm naked right now

2 years ago

Richard PaleAll-Time Fav Five

3 years ago

I've never really understood how to use this list. Do I go specific as in an awesome example of a thing or vague as in the thing itself? I'm guessing it's just meant for ranking the things we rank elsewhere on the site against each other rather than our outright favourite things because otherwise I'm amazed family and friends aren't #1 and #2.

Richard Pale One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that avatar, what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty!

3 years ago

nodley Green No wonder I spend so much time here, I feel like I belong.

3 years ago

Bob GutSmasha you people need help... give me all your money and I will share my 5 weird tips to success

3 years ago

Richard PaleAll-Time Fav Five

3 years ago

I'm looking forward to Witcher 3 too but how are there games that aren't even out yet in people's all time 5 favourite things?

Husky Wing It's probably because of people who joined Favslist just to rank their favorite and most anticipated games of E3.

3 years ago

Richard Pale I prefer the first two explanations

3 years ago

Husky Wing They were admittedly more creative than I was!

3 years ago