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  • 5 years ago
    Which of the Ultima games is considered the best one?

    I don't think I've ever even seen one screenshot of any of the Ultima games, yet some people regard them as the best CRPG games out there, so maybe it's time for me to give this franchise a try. GOG game Ultima IV for free last year, might as well start there.
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    • Axersia
      Editing … Ultima Underworld is where it's at, bro. I'd say Ultima VI, VII, and the Underworld games are the most beloved. But if you're gonna play Ultima IV, you should really just get the NES version.
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    • Alianger
      Editing … VII is probably the easiest one to get into, if you've played Baldur's Gate and such and liked it. Spoony has a good video series on the games, though they're full of spoilers.
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    • WoodrowShigeru
      Editing … Easy answer » [#25074:Ultima: The Best One]
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