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  • chemical wrote her opinion about The Matrix
    6 years ago
    This movie is what movies are all about. With its thick and engaging plot, to its blood pumping action sequences, to its highly memorable dialogue, this movie is just the complete package. I cannot praise this movie enough.
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  • 6 years ago
    Ugh, I hate this movie. Never got the praise for it at all. I actually like the two sequels more.
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  • Malte Kjaer wrote his opinion about The Matrix
    6 years ago
    The most amazing style, action and pacing I have ever seen. Absolutely brilliant movie.
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  • Ulty wrote his opinion about The Matrix
    7 years ago
    The movie that got me into movies. It is my favorite story of all time, with some of the most memorable scenes/visuals in the history of science fiction. The Watchowski's blend of sci-fi, cyberpunk and anime worked so well, it created the best cult phenomenon of it's time. It has a rich and envolving plot with interesting characters and fitting acting, breathtaking visuals with some great set design, some of the greatest, and most well shot, action scenes ever put on film and thought-provoking dialogue. The Matrix is, without a doubt, THE science fiction film of the generation!
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