• Helendloc wrote his opinion about The Incurable Tragedy
    1 year ago
    Weird. I always thought I was never a big fan of this album, but when I look back over the tracklist to remind myself of why I realise I actually like every song on the album (minus the interludey & outro ones, sort of, they're just kinda there, but I feel morally compelled to let those slide considering the content). It's not their best album, but it's still pretty great.
    The album is dedicated to and written around the lead guitarist & founding member's dad and two best friends who all died of cancer within three months of one another, which is pretty heartbreaking to think about. The interlude and outro tracks I mentioned are each dedicated to one of the three, with the date of their death in the track name. Heavy stuff, man. I don't know whether it's due to their successfully conveying it or if it's just placebo effect from knowing that but the sound of this album has always had such a "painful" feel. Like they're screaming the songs out from their premature deathbed and they're not ready to go.
    Favourite tracks are Diagnosis Terminal, Indignation and One Funeral Hymn for Three.
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