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    RTS, RTS, RTS, RTS, RTS, Beat 'em up, RTS, RTS, RTS, RTS, RTS, stealth sci-fi horror game, RTS, RTS, RTS, RTS
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    • Axersia
      Editing … Deleted by himself
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    • Axersia
      Editing … Ah yes, I can still remember when Sega bought them back in '05. People were pretty upset over it, not really getting what this Japanese console game developer would need this Western RTS studio for. Not to mention that their next game was Spartan: Total Warrior, a console hack 'n' slasher. I remember there being some misunderstanding there, with certain people thinking Sega forced them to make it. It was actually already in development, and Sega came on as a publishing partner, later buying the studio. Of course, things turned out quite alright, and Sega has always just let them do their thing for the most part. Given the versatility of the studio though, it'd be nice to see them dabble in other genres more often.
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    • Sudertum
      Editing … Total war games are backlog list for some day...
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