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  • 1 year ago
    Amazing animation and every bit deserved its Academy Award. I love Miles Morales. All the different Spider-People they featured as much as they did were an unwanted distraction though. It was too much, and I really didn't care for Spider-Noir, or Spider-Pig, or Penny Parker, so I wish it had just focused on Miles, Spider-Gwen, and alt-Peter Parker. Could have shown the others briefly in order to drive home the idea of infinite Spider-People variations. Eh. I'm glad it inspired Spideysonas though, I want one now.
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    • Explojin
      Editing … The animation was gorgeous, felt like I was watching something completely new. It's interesting to see an IP like Spiderman having three successful media universes at once... the Miles Morales animation, the Marvel Avengers Spiderman, and the latest video game Spiderman. Has that been done with any other IP in history?
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