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  • 6 years ago

    Looks like Sierra's back and they'll announce something at GamesCom '14!
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    • chemical
      Editing … HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I am so unbelievably happy. Holy fucking shit. YAY!!!!!!! PLEASE ANOTHER KINGS QUEST GAME.
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    • Gries He
      Gries He
      Editing … Rumour has it their reveal will indeed be related to the King's Quest and Geometry Wars franchises. Also, both "PSN" and "XBOX" are mentioned in the source code of that website.
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    • Free Fall
      Free Fall
      Editing … Ah oh my god Sierra. I wonder who is behind it and who is in charge. Will they bring back the old magic?
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    • Aramonde
      Editing … Just be cautiously optimistic. If Square-Enix has taught us anything its to not get really excited for an old franchise making a return.
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    • Aramonde
      Editing … Ok now that i found out they are owned by Activision i say don't get excited.
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    • Erektionsite
      Editing … It will be an IOS exclusive free-to-play point & click game. Calling it right now.
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