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  • 2 years ago
    Baperizer and Miruhcle had a little wager over a Call of Duty: World War II match, for $1. The match can be overviewed here
    The two got in a major feud over the bet, and Miruhcle ended up publicly posting Baperizer's dox. To make up for it, he gave Baperizer an address--a fake nearby one, however. Baperizer then reached out to a notorious swatter named SWAuTistic to scare Miruhcle, and a call was made purporting for the addressee to be staging a hostage situation. When the cops arrived on scene, one of the residents was shot and killed.
    A member of FaZe's CoD clan puts in his take:
    An individual's take:
    An article about the shooting:
    A number of people blame Miruhcle for initiating the dox, and for giving out someone else's address. Another number blame Baperizer, who reached out to get them swatted. Others blame Swautistic, for doing the actual swatting (and probably hatching the whole hostage scenario).
    But I think most people blame all three.
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      Husky Wing
      Editing … still waitin for a youtuber to compile all the facts and make a catchy video
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