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  • 2 years ago
    Yech, so many tweaks needed to run their older games on Windows 10. Most of them offer no vsync so the framerate shoots up into the thousands causing horrible coil whine. I've played so many good PC ports lately I've forgotten what it's like to have to fuck around with Nvidia Control Panel and other apps to get something running properly.
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  • MahatmaGamer wrote his opinion about Rockstar Games
    5 years ago
    GTA has been a major part of gaming experiences.
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  • Wrl6199 wrote his opinion about Rockstar Games
    6 years ago
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ROCKSTAR GAMES! 1) They actually take time in making their games, in order to make the game as good as possible; unlike Infinity Ward who are lazy. For example, MW3 is exactly the same as MW2. 2) All their games are new and fresh, E. G Grand Theft Auto V will have added submarines, jet planes and 3 playable characters, since Grand Theft Auto IV. 3) They have made some of the best computer game characters ever. 4) The games environments feel alive and look beautiful E. G Red Dead Redemption.
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  • 6 years ago
    The US PSN store has a sale on Rockstar games this week. A bunch of their games are going for dirt cheap including [#7453:L.A. Noire], [#7190:Red Dead Redemption], [#6471:Bully], [#7289:Manhunt], and a lot of titles from the [#2979:Midnight Club] series among others.
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