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  • 5 years ago
    The only thing that's off putting about this show is the voice actor change. You get emotionally invested in the voice actor to an extent and when they change them, you feel this awkward disconnect from your favourite character. I mean, you manage to rekindle the love after a while, but it's a very uncomfortable sensation. Wonderful show, otherwise. :)
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  • Magwaza wrote his opinion about Pokémon
    6 years ago
    Unlike the games the series is nothing but mediocre. I mostly blame it on the lack of any kind of depth, especially the flat/boring characters. Ash/Satoshi is proably one of the wost main characters of all time. Team Rocket had its share of funny moments but it got old pretty fast.
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    • MasterCrash
      Editing … Specially when it's going on for fifteen years. I admit, I liked it when it first came out, it fed my needs as a kid, though I was always a Digimon fan, but looking back, it's meh, watchable for a while till it gets so boring it's better to give up. Brock was fun though. An I do like the movies, at least the first two, though, they do have some nice stories.
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    • Magwaza
      Editing … The movies take themselves way to seriously imo.
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    • MasterCrash
      Editing … I can see where you came from, but I think it's a nice change from the anime.
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