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  • 1 year ago
    Do any of you collect paintings? I like to buy originals rather than prints, a painting's more fun when it's also a textural experience. I like oil paintings for that. I guess I have my own gallery here, a nice mix of new art and antiques. And that one Kinkade print. Ugh.
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    • Explojin
      Editing … No. When I need to launder some money though I'll start.
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    • LizardTaro
      Editing … Nope. If there's an image I like, I just order a poster of it
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    • Husky Wing
      Husky Wing
      Editing … I've got posters too, and I have prints and photographs, but oil paintings are my favorite just for that textural experience. Makes me feel a closer connection to the piece, makes it easier to tell where the painter started and finished. Feels more personal that way.
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