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  • 1 year ago
    The story didn't wrap up in 12 episodes, but it did end on a big cliffhanger. Highly recommended.
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  • 1 year ago
    At around the halfway point, it looks like the gemstone version of Dark Souls. They're killing humongous, overpowered Lunarians with swords and tactics, so yeah.

    I really feel for these characters, though. Some of my faves got shattered. Made me cry...
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  • 1 year ago
    I really want to watch more episodes. Should I? I mean, considering that it's a pretty show about gemstone girls and f***ing Buddha Lunarians from the moon. Maybe it's the psychedelic revamp of Final Fantasy 4...
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    • DJ_JJSlider
      Editing … I'm still trying to figure out why Japanese people were so hyped about this show. It was the most popular show in Japan at one point. And it's so damned weird...But the 3D animation... it's the best I've ever seen.
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  • 1 year ago
    Gemstones and acid. That's what this show is really about. I guess that's why it was such a big hit in Japan?
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  • DJ_JJSlider wrote his opinion about Land of the Lustrous
    1 year ago
    Land of the Lustrous marks a tremendous leap forward in 3D animation technology--the life-like facial expressions of the characters dazzle up the screen. The bizarre visual symbolism is so confounding that it makes me feel like I'm on a really long acid trip. Gorgeous 3D animation--such a shame that the show is stuck on Amazon Prime.

    The Earth is inhabited by girls made of gemstones, defending themselves against the mysterious Lunarians from the moon. However, all the humans have died out. Their master is the only human who survived. Despite the grim disarray of the world, the weakest gemstone girl, Phophorylate, takes up the mission to figure out the truth.
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Country of Jewels
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