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  • 3 years ago
    It's been years since I saw a movie so soon after its release, and it's been about as long since I've had a pair of obnoxious, chatty fuckwits ruining a fun night at the movies. WTF is wrong with people? They were absolutely shameless! I mean if I see an onscreen reunion in a movie I might lean over to my friend and whisper as quietly as possible "Morpheus!" and share a silent grin. With these two assholes it was "Hey it's Morpheus! Oh is it? Yeah, hey it is! Way cool! Wait, is that the same hotel from the first movie? Is it? Yeah I think it is. Oh, it's the black dude from the hotel from the first movie. Yeah, it must be the same one."

    Ugh, and the guy had the most annoying laugh as well and laughed at everything. "Oh tee hee, he's loading a grenade launcher. Yuck, yuck, he blew up his house. His dog licked his face! Lololololol!"

    If something like Sean Parker's Screen Room ever becomes a reality I'm jumping all over that shit. See a movie at home with only the company I choose on opening day on a Friday night in my PJs dining on my unmatched chicken wings and knocking back shots of tequila I paid a reasonable price for? Yeah that sounds alright I guess. The current system that makes me fucking hate theaters when I love movies so much is downright perverse.
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  • Explojin wrote his opinion about John Wick 2
    3 years ago
    Really good action movie, has a bit of Lionsgate cheese on it but I was hooked the whole way through.
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  • 5 years ago
    Co-Director David Leitch - who with Chad Stahelski directed the original - has left this project to go direct Focus's spy thriller The Coldest Day.
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  • 5 years ago
    Filming for the sequel to the surprise hit John Wick is set to start sometime this fall with Keanu Reeves returning to play the lead (probably because this is the only meaningful work he has gotten in years).
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