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  • 6 years ago
    Here it is - your DUNK OF THE DAY! For Knicks fans, this one is simply known as THE DUNK! Enjoy this amazing memory.
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  • Daniel Kayser wrote his opinion about John Starks
    7 years ago
    While not the best from a production standpoint, this video pretty much sums up why [#164:John Starks] is my favorite NBA player. An underdog on the world's largest stage who played with pure intensity, pride, and unbridled PASSION for the game. Never afraid to face challenges, even when they came in the form of Michael Jordan himself, Starks overcame outstanding odds to help bring the Knicks to the brink of NBA glory. As a man, he turned obstacles into opportunities and embodied a spirit of confidence and teamwork that ignited a stellar career and made not just and entire city, but NEW YORK CITY believe. I find his story and his approach to the game inspirational and I know that there's a part of my character that was shaped by watching him fail, succeed, and find himself along the way. He may have never completed the quest for NBA glory, but to me he'll always be a champion.
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