• Papissama wrote his opinion about Hikaru no Go
    7 years ago
    There are somethings about ourselves that cannot explain and my love for this anime is one of them. What is this about you're asking? Well, it's about some dudes playing... go...
    Go? What the hell is Go?
    Go is very ancient board game that resemble chess - but completely different when you get a closer look at the rules.
    Anyway, I love everything about it - its character and design, its music, its storyline. When I actually think about it, Hikaru's path through the go world look a lot like mine as a basketball player, that might be why this show resonate so well through me.
    GO (no pun intended) watch it!!

    Hikaru no Go est mon manga/dessin animé préféré. Oui, même devant DBZ et tant d'autres. Vivement que sorte un coffret blu-ray digne de ce nom!
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