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  • 2 years ago
    So, I've been hearing quite a bit about this band. Everything from "Saviors of Rock & Roll" to "Led Zepplin cover band without the covers". Their first album came out a while ago and I decided to give them a check, I was a bit doubtful to be honest. Revival bands are generally not all that great, they serve to as a nostalgic throwback, but they will never be the bands that inspire them, so I wasn't expecting to like them all that much, honestly. But then the first song started and all those doubts faded away, "Age of Man" is a great song that really shows their ability and their vocalist's range and power.
    The problem here is that there's 9 songs after that and they never really reach a high like the first track ever again. Most of them end up sounding like generic 70's hard rock songs that are easily forgettable. In the mist of the generic bland there's two songs who I feel do stand out positively though, "The New Day" and the follower "Mountain of the Sun".
    So, there's some positives about Greta Van Fleet and they do have talent, but they really need to try to find a sound that is theirs, and not something that has been done and experimented to it's fullest 30 years ago.
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