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  • 1 year ago
    It never fucking ends with these shitty Canadian telecommunications companies. Crave is the streaming service owned by Bell Media, who are one of the major factors preventing streaming services like Hulu and HBO Now from coming to Canada.

    I've said many times that if HBO Now were available in Canada, I would happily stop pirating Game of Thrones and pay legitimately. Recently Crave began advertising that new episodes of HBO series would be available on their service shortly after they air, and also added a pretty decent selection of movies (they previously had nothing but television, LOL what a terrific value). This basically brings it up to par with what HBO Now offers, so I thought I would give it a go.

    So what's the problem? They haven't released an app for the PS4. They released one for the Xbone 2.5 fucking years ago! Very funny Crave, good one, BITE ME!
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    • Husky Wing
      Husky Wing
      Editing … tbh even when I had HBO I pirated Game of Thrones. Their webplayer was just so shit...
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    • Sandvich
      Editing … LMAO! Crave is kind of notorious for that as well, but HBO has such good content I think they at least deserve that I try it out, but not if I have to jump through extra hoops to stream to my TV.
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