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  • Nodley wrote his opinion about Commodore CDTV
    2 years ago
    Commodore messed up with this massively. It was just a 4 year old Amiga with a CD drive.
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  • Michael Z wrote his opinion about Commodore CDTV
    7 years ago
    I remember the CDTV. Or, rather, I remember the hype when it was released. I also remember how it flopped horrendously, since most of the games on offer were either second-rate copies of already-established Amiga games like Lemmings or crud like Psycho Killer (possibly one of the worst games of all-time, but judge for yourself: ).
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    • Nodley
      Editing … I grew up when stereo "seperates" were all the rage and always thought one of these would look awesome sat on top. I actually still like the look of it, yeah I'm old! :D
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