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    I am probably going to sell my Colecovision accessories. I never use them and have them in their original boxes... They should probably net me $150 for all three. The Roller Controller, the Steering Wheel, and a pair of Super Action Controllers. I wouldn't get rid of the console or the games though. Pepper II is just too much fun. I have a second parts console I could sell off with one of the accessories as well. They take up a ridiculous amount of space, I have a whole tote just for the three accessories. I could also just hold onto them, they're only going to raise in value in theory considering more and more will just be in the hands of collectors. Is the value increase worth the space taken up though for the next x amount of years? Probably not. Unless someone goes on a Coleco vendetta buying and destroying all known Colecovision accessories. It would be like that guy in that one episode of Justified that's a collector of Hitler paintings but it turns out he's not a Nazi lover but instead he burns each painting he buys and put's it's ashes on a shelf. That was dope.
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