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  • 4 years ago
    Okay, so the hipsters hate him, but I love the character :) He's cool, he's funny and he has awesome character design. You don't get much more iconic than the [#25533:Buster Sword]! Shame he went a bit emo in the Compilation of [#112645:Final Fantasy VII], but it's pretty understandable in tems of the plot.
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    • Dr Eggnog
      Dr Eggnog
      Editing … I like Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa all about the same. They're three characters I can't imagine without each other, like Frasier and his brother and Dad or the family from F Is For Family.
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  • Nathan Sinclair wrote his opinion about Cloud Strife
    5 years ago
    To be fair, i have played ff7 more than the others, and cloud is the focus of the entire game. I loved being able to slash through monsters. A particular highlight of the game was loading up cloud with the best materia at the coliseum and then getting omnislash. and then having tifa do the same thing, only faster and without the hassles. i wonder how that happened...
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  • Bobo wrote his opinion about Cloud Strife
    6 years ago
    Cloud Strife is the hero by definition: a conflictual character between good and evil. Thanks to his friends he could stop Sephiroth's perversion, despite the neverending fights inside himself.
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  • Idir alexander Ould braham wrote his opinion about Cloud Strife
    6 years ago
    You're the best !
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